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​China is a country where traditional knowledge of nature and healthcare has been kept safe for thousands of years and hidden for the western world. The chinese people, always in large population, lived very close to the earth. They developed knowledge on several area's, first directly from the nature which they observed.

Through a close and precise observation they reached a very high degree of knowledge and consiousness of humans and the natural phenomena and about the relation between both. This is the source of the chinese traditional medicine.  Presently this knowledge is extremely important to us and has never lost any value.

On the Contrary:
The western world is becoming more and more tecnical and specialistic for which we lost our eye sometimes on the whole. We don't have a framework anymore in which we can place a healthy or ill person.  The chinese still do have this framework and are able to see the relation between psychic, emotional, physical and envrionmental as well as ancestral factors.  They developed a concreet health system with an own physiology and diagnostics and several treatment methods like: Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Tui-Na therapy.


Such a clear system as the chinese created, gives us the possibility to understand several aspects of our life much better.




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