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Acupuncture makes use of meridians. Meridians are networks of tracks through which our energy (Qi) flows,  blood and fluids are being spread inside the body.  The Qi, blood and fluids have to flow evenly and be sufficient present. The meridians make contact with the organs and nourish and liquify every part of our body. Due to various reasons, blockades, surplus or shortage can arise with pain, discomfort and illness as a result.  In normal circumstances the body can compensate an imbalance. In an illness situation the body can not establish the balance.  Acupuncture can help in such situations.

Herbs Therapy

The compositions of Chinese herbal medicine, which are already thousands of years specified and evaluated, are a good support in addition to the acupuncture treatment. Although acupuncture is more famous in the Netherlands than herbal medicine in China in about 70% of traditional medical treatments used herbs. Chinese herbs give no side effects!



Cupping therapy or cupping massage is an intensive way to relax muscle knots. On top and around the painful muscle and connective tissue, the skin firm boosted by the release of the vacuum cup. The underlying field is extremely well supplied with blood and by reflex action is the underlying muscle area for relaxation



Moxa is made from the herb mugwort or artemisa. When moxa burns, it generates heat at the same vibration frequency as the body. By burning moxa near an acupuncture point you can add energy to the body and warm up the body energy. It is also possible to burn moxa on a needle or to work with a special moxa lamp. Moxa is recommended in case of chronic pains, weakness of the tissue, lack of energy in the body and insomnia. Also scars can be treated well with moxa. Moxa is effective in cold and damp weather.

Tuina Therapy

Tuina is a manual therapy which originated in China and already about 4000 years practiced. It is the precursor of Shiatsu, which also is a method of treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In Tuina pressure is applied to the meridians and specific points, allowing the flow of Qi (body energy) to flow through the body fairly and evenly. According to Chinese medicine, disease is caused by imbalances and blockages in the flow of Qi. If it is balanced you feel more relaxed and full of vitality. By Tuina massage, it is possible to eliminate an imbalance This creates a better overall well-being.


Loose weight

In the fight against obesity and to burn more energy, one notices that acupuncture is just what is needed. It helps to curb the cravings for fats and sweets, it increases energy and improves metabolism. All this will increase the willpower to persevere and succeed in the fight against the pounds ..


Cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is for men and women who want anti -aging but no Botox , who don't want any surgical procedure but to look younger, and to keep their characteristic features,  and for maintenance after Cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic Acupuncture is a form of treatment in which the energy channels and thus the facial muscles are stimulated . By stimulating the energy channels, the collagen and thus the facial muscles will be stimulated as well.  The facial muscles can be hindered  by certain factors to get tighter or where there is insufficient energy to recuperate .


This form of treatment primarily affects the appearance by the cosmetic effect . Cosmetic Acupuncture works by relaxing the facial muscles .


This form of treatment requests for a possible presence of an imbalance . This could be an imbalanced digestive system.


The treatment consists of two parts . The ancient Chinese spoke of Shen which  manifests in the face.  What we call a nice appearance. Therefore the whole body should be well balanced. The Chinese do not know the division between body and soul For them, the body , the emotions and thoughts are all manifestations of the whole. In Cosmetic acupuncture it is not the most important to get less isolated wrinkles but to get in balance. This balance can be read in the person's appearance .


As part of the whole , the needles are put so that wrinkles and bags under the eyes are clearly become less. But therefore you need more than just acupuncture . In holistic cosmetic acupuncture , we treat the whole person .

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